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THE G PROJECT: Crowdsourcing a better world.

Hosted By G Adventures and The Planeterra Foundation, the G Project is open to everyday visionaries from all over the world with innovative ideas in any phase of development, from early concept to workable solution.

G Adventures believes that to truly make a difference in the world, the travel industry must see beyond the bottom line and look to the people who are best suited to make a tangible difference in our world: Travellers. The travellers are passionate about the places they love and often involve themselves in causes that affect the places they’ve visited.

The G Project is more than traveller philanthropy or charitable giving. It’s a unique initiative designed to bring people from different backgrounds together to lead, build and foster positive change all over the world.

The G Project was devised as a means to help changemakers make the leap from nascent idea to action and impact.

SUBMITTING Think of an idea that will have a positive impact on your planet. It can be big or small, local or global. Then, submit it to the G Project and get everyone you know to vote for it.

SELECTION PROCESS The top four ideas in each category will be determined by open public vote. Of these 16 finalists, four winners will be selected by the esteemed panel of judges to attend Summit in the Jungle, where they will pitch their ideas to a panel of thought leaders and innovators for the chance to have their idea brought to life.

IDEA FUNDING The Planeterra Foundation, in co-operation with G Adventures, will oversee the allocation of the $25,000 in sponsorship funds, identify who will implement the idea, and ensure the idea is completed efficiently at the highest quality standards. No money will be awarded directly to the winning entrant—it all goes towards making your idea a reality.

VOTING Anyone can vote to support submitted ideas and help determine who will earn an all-expenses paid trip to pitch their idea at the Summit in the Jungle in Costa Rica. You can support as many ideas as you like or stay focused on the one you like best, but you can only vote once per day for the same idea.

JUDGING The G Project is judged by a carefully selected panel of experts who will evaluate the top four ideas in each category and select the finalists. Each judge brings a different perspective to the competition based on his or her individual areas of expertise, and works to ensure the best ideas receive the attention they deserve.

TIMING The G Project is open to submissions from April 3, 2013 through June 3, 2013.

More about The G Project here.