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Wood Sunglasses

Small batch wooden sunglasses made from reclaimed wood and skateboards

The vision of two brothers, Christopher and David Steinrueck, who set out to make a living by building beautifully designed products that embody sustainability, craftsmanship, and ingenuity. They call it a company of ongoing experiments, but we think theirs is the perfect blend of maker and designer, with a kick of cowboy innovation.
These beautifully designed sunglasses make life a little more fun!

Durable + Lightweight. These super durable wooden sunglasses are designed to be stylish, comfortable and most importantly - durable. For the strongest and most lightweight construction, these sunglasses are crafted out of reclaimed skateboard material, walnut, and bamboo. Made in small batches.

Polarized and 100% UV protected. These guys care about your eyes, using only the best polarized polycarbonate lenses that filter out all of the UV rays blasting from the sun.

Bamboo Box. Each pair of wooden sunglasses comes with an optional bamboo box for safekeeping.

“We saw such an awe inspiring resource being discarded and resolved to do something to change that,” say the brothers. “We take wood that might end up in incinerators or landfills and give it a new lease on life.”

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Bamboo Sunglasses
Bamboo Sunglasses
$66 - $78
Walnut Sunglasses
Walnut Sunglasses
$72 - $84
Skateboard Sunglasses
sold out
Skateboard Sunglasses
$92 - $114

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