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Kaktus Stool

100% Recycled Aluminum, Stackable Stool and Wastebasket

Enrico Bressan, co-founder of Artecnica and an architect by trade, has created a sturdy, lightweight aluminum stool for both indoor and outdoor use. Made entirely of 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Aluminum. Not only is it stackable, but it double duties as both a wastebasket and stool.

Taking inspiration from the fibrous skeleton of the Staghorn Cholla cactus, the Kaktus Stool is disarmingly delicate, yet capable of supporting great weight.

Committed to issues of environmental sustainability and responsible manufacturing, Artecnica's products are made with eco-friendly materials and transported in minimal packaging to help reduce their carbon footprint.

Artecnica is a Los Angeles based design company that collaborates with international designers to create decorative objects for everyday living. Founded in 2002, Design With Conscience is Artecnica's campaign which infuses social and environmental responsibility into design.

Artecnica promotes, directs, and sponsors collaborative exchanges between leading designers and artisan communities to create meaningful design that challenges people to adopt a deeper, more sensitive way of thinking about objects.

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Kaktus Stool - Silver
Kaktus Stool - Silver