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From The Jungle:

Stories and Original Art From Children Living in Rainforests

From the Jungle is a visually stunning journey deep into the Amazon Rainforest told through the eyes and original artwork of three children from Central and South America.

Written for children, the colourful drawings and graphics depict a fragile ecosystem in danger. Through the stories of children living in the jungle, the reader finds a connection to their environment and learns ways to protect it.

Every copy sold plants a tree in an endangered rainforest!

Having created her first fashion company at just 22, Beth Doane was devastated by the child labor, human rights violations and toxic chemicals used in the production process. In 2008, she created her own ethically manufactured clothing line RainTees which donates schools supplies to children around the world and features their artwork on each collection. Beth speaks nationally about her journey from fashion runways to saving rainforests and the power of creating a social business. She has inspired audiences from the United Nations to Google, TEDx, and countless universities.

"Reading the experience of each child in these pages, in their own words, is so beautiful ...Gorgeous illustrations and great tips for families on how to give back!"

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From the Jungle
From the Jungle

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