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Light sculptures

flexible lamps from 100% recycled pet plastic felt

California-based industrial designer and architect Josh Jakus is known for his simple, elegant, and fun products.

Flexible, nuanced light sculptures with an adaptable shade made from 100% recycled PET felt.

PET is the plastic commonly used in drink bottles and food containers. It is melted down and turned into pellets by recyclers, after which the supplier melts and spins them into a fine fiber. This fiber is finally made into felt, which Josh laser cuts into these intricate lamp shapes.

His company, Actual, is committed to manufacturing and producing domestically. "I’m a maker and builder first, not a business person. Outsourcing requires producing (and selling) in large quantities, and this would take me away from what I love to do. I like working together with my local and domestic producers and have a personal relationship with all of them. I want to get my hands dirty."

These beautiful lamps are designed for efficient manufacturing, achieving the highest yield from standard units of raw material and reducing energy-consuming machine time.

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