The Boiler Room

The Boiler Room is a volunteer operated coffee house and social services hub in Port Townsend, Washington, dedicated to building community by providing a safe space for the growth and improvement of individuals. Volunteers in their Job Training program learn coffee, safe food handling, customer service, the importance of cleanliness/ punctuality/ accountability, how to ask for help when needed, and how to interact appropriately with others, including the homeless, tourists, business owners, neighbors and other volunteers. It’s these volunteers that allow The Boiler Room to provide various important social services to their community. The Boiler Room has free food available every day, and served 19,432 meals in 2016. A partnership with Northwind Arts Center allows them to provide free art instruction to young and emerging artists. Their Adulting classes provide the opportunity to learn “everything you need to know as an adult.” In addition, The Boiler Room hosts free all-ages live music performances, a weekly Open Mic, and has distributed over 6,000 individual hygiene supplies in 2016 alone.

The Boiler Room The Boiler Room The Boiler Room The Boiler Room The Boiler Room The Boiler Room

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