Women in Design

Women in Design (WiD) supports contributions and improves opportunities for women in the professions serving the built environment through education, networking, outreach, and professional development.

 WiD is focused on supporting and representing professional women in all sectors of the building design and construction industry: architecture, engineering, construction, landscape architecture, interior design, environmental design, urban planning, and other related fields. These professions are dominated by a male workforce and women struggle to advance and succeed. To combat this convention, WiD offers women a community to belong to, opportunities to network and meet others that can inspire them, and resources for personal and professional growth. At least once a year, Women in Design inspires by hosting a woman speaker of international renown. On a regular basis, they empower with a rich variety of expert-led skills development classes that address issues from the technical to the interpersonal.

Women in Design Women in Design Women in Design Women in Design Women in Design Women in Design

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