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"Toys for Soul" is a collection that consists of toys which have been a part of our past. Three basic toys: a yo-yo, a spinning top, and a disc catcher have been redesigned by simplifying their archetypal forms.

"Toys for Soul" are ethically made from sustainably sourced wood and handcrafted in the designer's workshop in Indonesia. Recommended Care: clean with a soft cloth and a drop of teak or pine oil.

More Info

  • Contents: yo-yo, spinning top, disc catcher

  • Weight: .22 lbs (100 gr)

  • Material: East Indian rosewood, mahogany

  • Finish: wood oil / wax


  • Packaging: 7.5 x 9 x 4.7 cm, albesia wood box

  • Delivery: Shipped from Indonesia: 1-3 weeks